Well There It Was, Merry Christmas

Well Christmas is now officially over, the mosh pits of the Boxing Day sales have opened and the New Year is just around the corner.  I hope you enjoyed Christmas, and you got what wanted, remember in the immortal words of Greg Lake, the Christmas we get, we deserve.  I enjoyed Christmas, cooked a turkey that’s still feeding us, drank, but slowly enough not to get drunk, and I got some fabulous presents, including a Scratch Map of the UK, which sounds weird, but given that I’m also a geocacher, gives me the chance to scratch off each of the counties as I cache there.  Yeah, okay, I get that that’s a limited realm of interest, but it interests me.

So since I last blogged, it seems my Muse has returned.  WooHoo!

Over Christmas I have managed to finish the edit of Solution, a crime novel, and I’ve done a read/edit of a shorter romance novel which I still haven’t settled on a name for, also last night, I went to bed at 11:30 and after reading a couple of chapters of Siegeby Simon Kernick, I finished Chapter 1 of the next new book I’m writing, another romance,  the plot of which has been an idea kicking around in my head for some time with nothing to do.  Also, today I woke up with inspiration for another short story.  All evidence that my Muse has found her way back to me.

The short is another competition piece, 1500 words themed on hot chocolate.  I’ve been trying to think what to do for this for a couple of weeks now, but this morning and idea came to me while I was still in bed and I quickly drew together the rest of the story.  On getting up and I went to the laptop and wrote the story, was 1512 words, so not too much agro to get back to word count. This story is romantic rather than criminal, those seem to be the two genres I skip between, nothing else seems to work, well that’s not entirely true, I have been known to work with horror occasionally, but not for some time now.

Am going to spend some time tomorrow going through the various writing magazines and on-line sites to see if I can put together a timetable for what competitions are coming up, and do what I can to maybe win one or two this year.

Well that’s it for now, will write again soon.





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