Four Days Three Pens

Hope you had a good new year and the only hangovers were good memories.  I didn’t stay up to see the new year in on account my husband was on a day shift on the first so was up at ungodly o’clock (04:30), we did hear the fireworks though, sounded like we’d moved to Gaza there were so many bangs, you’d think we were under attack from mortar fire.

Well, anyway, one of my Christmas Presents this year was a subscription to Writing Magazine, and February’s issue arrived today, haven’t had time to open it yet.

Since last I wrote, I’ve written a second story for a competition where the first line was given.  I enjoyed the story and do like it, but my test audience, yes I do mean the long suffering husband, tells me that the first story is the better one, so that’s the one I’m putting in.  Both shorts were about Mc and Mac.  The competition closes on the 14th, so I’ll be uploading that over the weekend probably.

The timetable of competitions has come on well enough, though I’m not sure I’ll keep up with all of them, but I’ll give it a go.  I put it into Excel, rather than Access, in the real world I tend to design databases, so Access is usually my first choice, but this time I just went for the instant results of an Excel.

Have got up to chapter five of the new romance novel, have in fact, managed to run three pens out in the writing so far.  I don’t know what method other people use for writing, but me, I start with putting it down in long hand, then I edit as I type up the first time, then I read and edit and edit and read and so on until I think the story is ready.  I haven’t found a title for this one yet, still I guess that will come in time, at least I hope so.  Still looking for a title for the last romance I wrote, thinking that MisDial might work, but not sure.

Will keep blogging, write to you soon.


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