All White

Well this week has been dominated by the colour white.  Mostly from the snow that blanketed us here in Wales.  To be honest I was beginning to think this week’s blog was going to be nothing but a white page too.

One day was so bad with the snow that I had to work from home, no getting my little car out in that.  But like a lot of conscientious people that actually meant I ended up working more than my allotted hours.  But it was a couple of days later that was the  much more interesting, that day I had to drive to another of the companies offices in one of the Welsh valleys,  it was raining when I left home and then  as I travelled up the valley, gaining altitude, things got worse.  Things were getting a little, well, interesting, then I reached a stretch of road, I can only describe as a roller coaster, big dip, then a climb.  I made it about three quarters of the way up the incline, only to have the police turn me around having closed the higher section of road because it was too dangerous to pass. The return trip was actually harder than the outwards one because by that time the snow storm had returned and I was driving in near blizzard conditions.  I’d been able to drive in the 20s going up coming back it was 10 to 15 mph.

This doesn’t sound like much of a blog about writing but it actually is.  I’ve been reading a lot about show not tell so while I was driving I also took a mental image of how I felt during the drive. What did I feel about being in a car in that weather;  what were my physical reactions to the effort of driving; how did I feel when I saw 4x4s over take me; what did I think when non 4x4s started having trouble in front of me; and why oh why did the guy behind have to drive quite so close to my back bumper?

All valuable knowledge if I ever have to write a scene of someone driving in bad snow.

More generally, I’ve lost the way with the romance I started this year, but I did write a completely separate scene which looks like it’ll turn into chapter one of a book.  Unusually for me, this one, while still a romance has twisted into a bit of a fantasy tale with hidden truths which could go a number of ways so I’ll just have to see where what happens.

I worked on the Pride and Prejudice update for that competition I thought I’d missed.  And I hated it – derivative drivel.  I still have two weeks to try again but it’s not looking good.

Anyway, a million things to be getting on with, so I have to go.  Thanks for reading.


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