Red All Over

Last week was all white, this weeks been more red.

Red to match the colour of my streaming eyes, over wiped nose and the frightening colour at the back of my throat.  After swimming and geocaching last Sunday, the cold that had been niggling but not developing for months, decided to descend with a vengeance.

Having been made redundant in July, I’m now a temp and despite the changes in the law, I still think of it as, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.    Therefore, despite being ill, I worked all day every day this week.  To add to the misery, I couldn’t sleep well because I couldn’t breathe properly.  So I’ve pretty much been exhausted all the time,and by the time I got home from work, I couldn’t see the laptop screen in focus and my concentration was shot.  So there hasn’t been much going on writing wise this week, I’ve barely written a word.

I even had to renege on my promise to my daughter to take her to see “Les Miserables” at the cinema because, frankly I’ve had no energy to sit through three hours of a film.

Thankfully, I haven’t missed any competition deadlines, so no major losses.

In fact the only thing that hasn’t be ‘red’ is any book, though I did have a £10 voucher from Waterstones, so I did treat myself this week to “Death Comes To Pemberly” by PD James and “Belfast Confidential” from Colin Bateman.  I’m likely to start on the PD James when my head is back in place, but tonight I’ve got a job interview to prepare for.

Well, that’s it, short and not very sweet, but there it is.  See you next week.


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