Well we’ve had white and red, but last weeks theme was blue.

I was somewhat under the weather, physically exhausted and mentally numb.  The pleasure of being offered a job wore off as quick as I realised what it would do for my finances – that is nothing.  I’ve been offered a significantly lower salary than the job was advertised at.  If I had another option I’d take it.

That dragged my mood down some and robbed me of concentration.  I didn’t get much done in the week and the weekend was lost in catching on some sleep. Oh, and a ton of ironing.  So I’ve bent my resolutions missed a weeks blogging and haven’t read Writing Magazine at all. Mind with doing the ironing I put Lovefilm on and managed to watch the whole of season one of “afterlife”, a programme I was aware of being on TV when it was on air but never watched. It was brilliant.  Loved it.  Will watch season two at some point.

I tried to force the writing with a short piece for a competition, but it didn’t work.  Will need to apply myself more if I’m going to be able to make the resolution to enter at least one competition a month.

I have however written more of the romance and come up with the follow up to Solutions.  Solutions by the way is a crime novel based in Merthyr Tydfil. It’s all arisen out of my annoyance with the dictatorial nonsense from the HR department over this new job. Also on the weekend I took a walk up  a mountain to do some cache maintenance and spotted a great location for the first dead body to be found.  So while it wasn’t a very productive week it wasn’t the utter washout it felt like.

Oh one thing more.  This blog.  I’m finding this really useful.  It doesn’t get read but it’s a bit like therapy.  I get to air my views, focus on the positives and practice writing.  Great mix.   So to anyone who does ever bother to read it – thank you.


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