Keeping to the Point

Last time I blogged it was about knowing what the point of what you are writing is. Well since then I have had to restrict my own activities to strictly those where I know the point comes with a deadline.

Because the  day job has been so utterly nutterly busy I’ve had limited down time and weekend commitments I couldn’t drop. So when it comes to writing I’ve been focusing on the got to get done things.  Unfortunately this has coincided with a period of “couldn’t figure out the plot if it jumped up and bit me”.

So the weekend just gone I kept my promise to my daughter and took her to see the new Star Trek movie – completely brilliant movie by the way and well worth seeing in 3D. So ended up spending all Sunday at my desk.  There’s a competition ends tomorrow that I want to enter and I thought I’d try something new. 1500 – 1700 crime fiction.  

For a start I couldn’t concentrate.  Ended up making an analysis of my Amazon sales instead, useful but could have waited. Anyway, I made four different starts to short stories and done of them worked. Then, flash of inspiration figured out the story I wanted to write and did so.

Once I got to this point, which was about six in the afternoon things went much easier.  Still had to work at it, but by eight I had a complete story. 1835 words in need of editing, but I had done what I set out to do.  

So I gave it to my hubby for editing.  When he had done I asked what he thought and got an unenthusiastic “It’s okay”.

OK, isn’t good enough for a competition so that’s out the window.  However, he did suggest that I put forward another one I wrote a while back.  All I’ve got to do now, is check whether or not I’ve actually submitted it anywhere before.

So that’s the point I’m at. That’s going to be the point tonight.


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