New Year New Blog

Well, it’s 2014 already.

Wow, that came around quick.  All the preparation for Christmas and it’s gone in a flash.  It was a good flash, but over quickly.

Now the new year is here, it’s time to take stock and look at what’s been done and what’s to do.  Last year I made five resolutions, so how many did I keep?  Here was what I said I’d do:

  1. Enter at least one writing competition a month
  2. Get a second book on-line
  3. Read each Writing Magazine (hereafter referred to as WM) issue fully
  4. Complete one romance novel this year (separate from and in addition to all other work)
  5. Write / update my blog at least weekly.

Until I just looked back and copied these again, I was thinking that I’d have to own up to failing on about half of what I said, but actually, it’s not that bad at all, which gives me a bit of a lift anyway.

Entering competitions.  Well, I did and I didn’t. I did 13 definitely, possibly 14 because I wasn’t that good at keeping track.  I admit that I didn’t do one a month, some months there were two or even three, other months there weren’t any.  But I reached the quota, so I’m going to take that one as ticked off.

I did get a second book on line, but not under my name, because I want to make sure that my crime fiction, which is under my name, stays separate from my romance fiction.  If you’re interested it is on Amazon, Hot Line by Hannah Tempest.

I was given a subscription for Writing Magazine last year, and I did read each copy, though I must admit, not cover to cover, only the bits I was interested in.

Complete another romance, ah well, here I can’t quite claim victory.  Got about 75% there, it’s not a straight romance, there’s a supernatural twist, actually I had to stop writing it because between a standard job, working as an editor and all the other stuff every body has to do to make ends meet, kind of got in the way.  I will finish it this year though.  I did however write a full novel for NaNoWriMo, 72k words, which had a strong element of romance, but it’s still basically crime.

Resolution 5, well, what can I say, that kind of went out the window.  It all went wrong in July, but sometimes these things happen and I didn’t blog again until October.  But I’ve put it in my reminder calendar to blog on the first of each month, so that’s what I’m going to do from now on, blog at the beginning of each month.

So what at the plans for 2014?

  1. Get another book published (I do have one with an agent as we speak, so cross your fingers for me).
  2. Write a monthly blog and a weekly facebook update
  3. Enter at least 6 competitions this year.
  4. Finish the romance book.
  5. Write book two of my Murder Tydfil series (book one is with the agent).

So good wishes for the coming year and may it bring you all you would wish for.


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