Not where I was expecting it to go . . .

Well it’s the start of another month and time for another blog.

Well January has been an odd month.  I’ve just edited the first fantasy novel I’ve ever been paid to edit.  It was surprisingly fun, though it did cause some absolute out loud roars of totally inappropriate laughter.  The homophones get me every time.  In the middle of a fight scene ‘tore’ got swapped for ‘taw’, so all I could see was this knight in shining armour kneeling down with the monster he was fighting for a game of marbles.  For those who don’t get it, a taw is a large marble.

Something else odd happened last month as well.  I joined the  Swansea and District Writer’s Circle last year and this year I’ve been appointed as the club’s secretary, which has taken up a hell of a lot more time than I was told it would, but isn’t that always the way?

Another surprising snippet is that I am now, officially an award winning author.  I won the Topsy Evans Award for Prose for 2013! Yeah!  I’ve never had engraved silverware with my name on it before.  Feels pretty damn good I have to say.

But also had a strange experience on the 9-5 front.  The contract I have is due to end on 28 Feb, and there is no chance of it being extended, on account that the project I was on has come to an end.  Was I worried – of course I was worried, I have a son in University with fees and rent to pay for.  Was I actively looking for other work – again, of course.  Was I having any luck?  Nope.  So I figured I’d put an advert in a rather well known writer’s magazine as a freelance editor and see if I could build up a client base and an income that way.

Then this one job came up, and I decided not to go for it, really didn’t think I’d get it.  Then one morning I have two people come up to me separately and tell me to go for the job.  It was one of those where you had to send in a tailored CV, but I was so convinced I wouldn’t get it, I didn’t bother tailoring the CV, just shoved it through at about 10:30.  Close for applications was noon that day.  I had an email inviting me for interview before four that afternoon.  I got the job.  It’s only another 12 months, but that’s long enough to see me through to the last rental payment for my son’s studies.

Of course – there’s still an advert going into that writer’s magazine.  It takes time to build up a reputation after all.  Writing and editing is still, financial considerations aside, where I want to be.  But like the title says, by the end of the month, it was not where I was expecting it to go.


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