Fairs and other four letter words

Well, there goes February.  I know it’s the shortest month of the year, but that one really went quick.

I’ve just got back from the first London Author’s Fair.  This has been an interesting event from the word go.  I originally thought I’d go down and back in one day, but the return journey would have cost over two hundred pounds!  So I thought, what about finding somewhere closer to stay and just do a short trip in and out.  What I found was that I could get two nights in a Premier Inn, a first class return ticket from Bracknell to Waterloo, for less than half the return ticket price, which is more than enough for the petrol and meals out, end up spending less for two of us, then on just one return ticket from Swansea – and the rail companies wonder why they’re losing custom.

Anyway, the Fair itself was good.  Among the seminars and workshops, there was the opportunity to ‘Pitch Up!’, to meet with an agent and pitch our work, what they didn’t give us was the opportunity to say who we wanted to pitch to.  So when I got my appointment, the air turned blue with certain four letter anglo-saxon words.

As soon as I saw the agency, I knew my chances were out of the window.  They’d only gone and matched me with an agency that’s already rejected me!  And no opportunity for amendment.

Well I looked into the agency and the name of the agent, only the agency rang bells, so I looked him up, no bells, but recognised one of the other agents in the company, so figured I’d met her and not him.  Thought, okay it was two years ago, different person and I’ve developed the book since then, even changed the title, maybe this will be okay.


Got there did the pitch, he remembered me!  Turns out I had met him at the same prior pitch, and he still doesn’t like my work.  What a waste of 15 minutes.

Still some of the workshops were really interesting, some even inspirational, the one on group funding was particularly interesting, am going to look into that more closely over the next couple of months.  One of the sponsors, Kobo was very generous in providing a photographer who was taking author shots, something I’ve been needing to get for a while, at no expense to the author, which is frankly, my favourite price.  So I did the sitting and hopefully I’ll get a decent shot emailed to me in the next few days.

Also met some really interesting people, people I’ll stay in touch with and that helps to build a community, and that may well help my own future.

Still, this month I’ve also booked into the Winchester Writer’s Festival.  It’s a long weekend, and I’ve got five one to one sessions booked, three with agents, one with a publisher and one with an author.  Fingers crossed, better luck next time.

Still, plenty of work to be getting on with now, speak to you next month.



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4 responses to “Fairs and other four letter words

  1. Fiona Riley

    You do inspire me Gail 😀

  2. Hi, it’s Graeme, we chatted just before our respective pitches. Sorry to hear your pitch session was a victim of bad coincidence.
    How was the crowd funding session pitched? Was it at paying for living costs while writing, or crowd funding for book production?
    Good luck with research for the crime thriller 🙂

    • Hello Graeme, thank you for identifying yourself, I looked at your profile, but wasn’t sure. As far as the pitch goes, it’s just one of those things, can’t change it, so not going to worry about it. Have other pitches booked for Winchester, so hoping something comes of that, but the crowd funding was really interesting and I’m going to do some research into that, see where it leads. Well best go, got another 4000 words I need to edit tonight. Thanks for linking and now I know who you are, will return the favour. Cheers!

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