The Road All Too Travelled

Well, I’m sitting in a hotel in North Wales writing this, thinking how the last month has been like the journey up here.  For those who have never done the drive from south to north Wales, it’s awful. The only way that you get on a motorway is by going out of Wales, up, or down, the M5 then back in, but since I live in Swansea the SatNav tends to tell me to go through the A roads – and for any geocachers reading this – that really is A Road Anarchy.

While stuck in the traffic, I started thinking that this was drive was a metaphor for my month.  Constantly on the go, but not getting very far.

The month started in much the same way as my journey – I forget to write down the Postcode to the hotel I’m staying at, so there was some running around to find that, just like when I went to last month’s SDWC meeting and got to the venue to find not only had the room been changed – but the venue too.  It’s only five minutes down the road, but I ended up running around to the hotel nearby to met our speaker who had been sent to the ‘wrong’ venue, but after going to the hotel and back to the venue I found him and got him to the right place at the right time, so all’s well that ends there.

So I started driving generally upbeat and optimistic, which matches the month as the Blood Ink competition I entered last year was to have winners announced on the first. Now I know that means that the winners should hear before that time and I hadn’t so I knew I hadn’t won, but I was interested to know who/what had.  Only there was no announcement on the internet as to who the winner was, just like there was no announcement of the new road works I encountered on the way up.  So I rang Chapter One Promotions and asked, but got blocked at every turn – more than one set of traffic lights on the way up and with each, like the calls, the frustration and annoyance grew.  Unlike the lights, which just ate up my time, the Chapter One Promotions eat up my time and never revealed a result.  Speaking to a friend gave me a surprising result – read this for more info – – and be warned.

There was a general feeling that as I drove I could have gone faster, but every time I thought there was a chance to put my foot down, something would be coming the other way to hold me back.  In work that was the visiting of twelve sewage treatment works in eight days – well six if you take out the weekend.  Just like the six sets of traffic lights I got held back by on the journey.


Typically after the visit to North Wales in March, I got home only to have to travel to Lincoln to pick up my son – you guessed it – there was a diversion on the way up – TomTom did not like that.

However, there was some good news.  In the month I did manage to make some cuts of one of my books, I was challenged to cut 147k down to 100k.  I took a new route – just like the new road that also confused the SatNav, but it cut a minute off my time just as inputting only the crucial chapters cut 12k from my book.  Then I started looking chapter by chapter and have reduced by another 6k.  So over the journey there were places where I could reach the speed limit and managed to cut, over all, five minutes off my journey.  Okay so it’s not much but to get more would have meant speeding and I can afford to do that I need my car to work.

But I got here, just like I got through March.  Here’s hoping that all this adds up to a future in print someday – someday soon would be nice.  J

Thanks for listening again.



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