Every One’s a Winner, Baby

Okay, so it’s not, but April was an interesting month.  It felt like I was away from home more than I was here, but that’s asset management for you, sometimes you have to visit the assets, they can’t come to the office after all.  It’s tiring to be away, especially as I never sleep well in hotels, too much light and noise.  But it’s got to be done.

Still, more importantly I had two very good pieces of new through April; first I won a family day out in Elan Valley.  For those who don’t know Elan Valley is a beautiful area in the heart of Wales.  The six dams there fed a hydropower plant and supply the raw water for treatment and supply to Birmingham.  The family is really looking forward to this day out in a 4×4 visiting the incredible dams and stunning countryside.  My husband and daughter will be taking loads of pictures, photography is their thing.  And I’ll be enjoying the scenery.

News of this win was gladly received, but not as gladly as the second piece of good news I had.

On Tuesday 29th April, the Crime Writers’ Association announced the shortlist for the Margery Allingham Short Story Competition.  There are ten entrants shortlisted, and I’m one of them!

Back in March I realised that the deadline was coming up, so I quickly wrote a story, taking quite an unusual approach for me.  When I was done, I re-read the guidelines and wasn’t even sure that the story meet them.  Luckily I have a very supportive husband and he assured me that it did.  The deadline was such that I didn’t even have time to get it reviewed either by any editors I know, nor the Swansea and District Writers Circle (SDWC) Prose Group before sending it in.  But I put it in and forgot about it – yes actually forgot about it.  Then out of the blue I get the announcement and I read the email and my first thought – Great, what story did I submit?

Cannot tell you how excited I was though – still am.

Best news of the year so far.

Just to be nominated is one hell of an achievement; that alone might just open doors; it’s going on my writers CV anyway.  Got to say the members of the SDWC have been really supportive with their congratulation and best wishes.  One made me laugh when he claimed he can now bask in the glory of knowing someone who’s been nominated for such an award, I think this is funny because we have several published authors in the group, two of whom make their living as writers, and that’s better than I’m doing.  Still I’ll get there, and this is one big step on that journey.

I congratulate the other nine entrants on their shortlisting too, but I’m not two faced enough to wish them good luck – I want to win after all – I’m pretty sure they all do too!  😀

The winner will be announced on Friday 16th May at CrimeFest, unfortunately I can’t go this year, as I’ll be up in North Wales for work.  But by God I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Hopefully there’ll be more good news in my next blog.

For more details on the shortlist, click here.



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