Take Inspiration Where You Find It

Well May went past a bit quick, but it was inspiring.

Okay, so I didn’t win the CWA competition, well done to the winner, yes I am envious, but I’ll survive.

Anyway what I learned in May is that inspiration can come in the most unlikely places.  Newspaper, lessons, business trips, unexpected conversations and competitions I can’t enter.  So here’s where I found my inspiration this May, though in no particular order.

On May 7th, I attended the Swansea and District Writers’ Circle (SDWC) where we had Tom Anderson speaking about travel writing.  Now I have to admit, I wasn’t over inspired by this prospect, my husband may read Bill Bryson and others a lot, but travel writing’s never been a thing I’ve been much interested in.  But Tom was a really interesting speaker, made it sound great, with tales of his surfing and writing, time as an investigator, thoroughly engaging and worth listening to.  He also set an interesting competition, having told of a time when he saw a Living Statue with a sign beneath it and he always wanted to ask what he was doing but when Tom returned, the statue was gone so he couldn’t ask, he set up to answering the question.  We have to pick a place and write the conversation with the statue.  Can’t tell you what I wrote because the closing date for the competition hasn’t come by yet, however I can tell you that it took me to a moment when I was overseas for a previous job, and I’ve based my story on the things I saw there.  Really looking forward to getting some feedback on that one.

I’ve also been taking another MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), this one from the OU and entitled “Start Writing Fiction”.  I wasn’t at all sure what this course would be like, but it’s been okay.  What surprised me about it was that one exercise we were given was a simple two sentences about a woman getting on a bus and asked to sketch her character.  Sounded like a naff exercise on first reading it, but after a few minutes of thinking about it, I came up with an idea and that’s inspired a new short for a series of shorts that I have started, though in truth, the shorts are turning out to be more like chapters in a book.

 The SDWC is also running a competition for non-members all about World War One, but members have been asked to submit stories so that we have enough to make up an anthology.  I have to admit WWI isn’t something I know a lot about, having studied WW2 for my A levels.  So I really didn’t know what to do for this one.  However, there’s a certain newspaper which has been running a number of WWI storied and reading one of those has given me the outline of a story.  All I have to do now is finish it.  I’ve written on bit, which has been seen in the MOOC and I’ve written another which is in long hand only, but there’s still some to go. 

Finally, I’ve been away again on business and this time I was staying in Ruthin Castle, a place I would highly recommend to anyone, great accommodation, fantastic food and really interesting history.  They also have really friendly staff, and it was while talking to one of the staff that I get some great details on the place.  From talking to him, I also got the idea for another murder mystery, a book in my Autumn Raine series, a whole plot came in one go, that’s never happened before.  And all in five minutes from a single conversation.  All I have to do now is write the thing.

Well plenty to get on with, so best be off.  Bye.

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