You Know You’re Old When

Well, I’ve posted loads of depressing stuff of late, so I thought I’d try something different.  So here’s 25 ways to know that you’re getting old, hopefully some of them will raise a smile.

  1. Your kids are all taller than you
  2. Your kids have all finished university and you still want to go
  3. You buy shoes for comfort not style
  4. When buying hair dye you stop thinking about this seasons fashion colours and start thinking about grey coverage
  5. You have to have reading glasses
  6. When talking to health care professionals, they use the phrase ‘of a certain age’
  7. Policemen/Doctors actually do look like teenagers
  8. You remember when the top ten records were vinyl
  9. You remember when Doctor Who’s were differentiated by the actor’s name not the generation number
  10. You remember when it was one phone per house, not per person
  11. You know what a twin tub is and (the theory at least) of using a mangle
  12. You think a tumbler (tumblr) is something for drying your clothes
  13. You can live without internet connection
  14. You remember when getting a clip around the ear from an adult was a reminder to behave not grounds for a law suit
  15. You remember when teachers dealt with unruly students rather than excluding them
  16. You remember when Knock Down Ginger was a harmless game and not a racial attack
  17. You remember when only birds of the feathered variety tweeted
  18. You remember when a vampire movie meant horror not teenage angst
  19. You remember when wrapping was for presents not gangsters (rapping)
  20. When someone says Swatch and you think fabric sample not time piece
  21. When you read books not status updates
  22. When you favourite record can only be found in the ‘vintage’ section
  23. You remember when the only endurance in a Marathon was waiting for break time to eat it (for the really young, Marathons were renamed Snickers in 1990)
  24. You remember when Prince was a singer, not a management practice
  25. When you realise you’re older than the internet you’re reading this on

Thank you for reading


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One response to “You Know You’re Old When

  1. Fiona Riley

    I truly am old!

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