April Fool

April felt like a marathon even though it sprinted past.  I was working like a fool, head down almost constantly, working hard but I didn’t feel like I got much done.  Only I did.

I actually edited three books in April, all from the same author.  And I managed to get seven articles published on Warped Factor.  It takes more time than you might think to read and review a comic, and I’ve got a load more still to get to.  Actually got one article up that I’m particularly proud of, A Dozen Brave New Worlds, which if you enjoy a bit of sci-fi you might enjoy to read.  My daughter has also been showing her talent this month and has had two articles put up on the same website, one about female superheroes and one about the film Age of Ultron, which has had over 6000 views.  I very proud of her.

In January I had an agent ask for a full manuscript and I was hopeful, anyone who’s read this blog will know that I let the seven week response time they indicated go by, but when it got to eleven weeks, I called.  It has been read, but clearly not accepted the woman I spoke to promised to get some feedback to me in a few days, but that was now over a fortnight ago, so I’m not expecting much.  Which is a shame because that would have been useful feedback and I could have tailored the story accordingly.  As it is, I’m going to have to re-edit it blindly.  Which is going to be my next personal goal.

Current personal goal is to get a short story collection up and running.  I’ve got a load of shorts that have never been published, many never even submitted to anyone, one which was shortlisted for a CWA sward, but still never got published.  Anyway, they are all being put together in one collection, I’ve got a cover being designed and the collection booked in for proof reading in June, so hopefully I’ll have an actual book out around November time.  Got to look into printing costs and stuff now – that’ll be scary.

I’ve also sent off a old book – written about ten years ago, to an editor friend for comment.  This is unpaid so he’s just going to slot it in where he can so it could be another year before I hear from him about it.  The reason I’ve asked him to do it is because I think there are still a lot of good ideas in that piece, but some bad ones too, and I’m not entirely sure which bits are which.  Anyway, it needs a complete rewrite so I’d like steer on what to keep and what to chuck, or maybe if I should just throw it out.  The guy reading it by the way is the same editor who ripped Autumn Raine to shreds so much that I’ve ditched it completely.

As for new writing, yes I actually managed some this month, proper creative writing not just review.  I’ve written a paranormal story about, about 10,000 words, an angel and a demon fighting for the soul of a suicidal human.   I actually like these two and may well use them again sometime if I find an appropriate story.  Anyway the story has been submitted for an anthology so fingers crossed I hear good news on that on.

As ever I keep tapping away at the keyboard.

Hope you read me soon. And thanks.


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