May the Performance Repeat

May was another productive month.  I managed to get another 7 articles/reviews up on Warped Factor, one of which “Washing Up versus the DIY”, about superheroes/heroines and film versus series has actually got into the top ten of their most read articles of the week.

I find this top ten quite interesting and I’m amazed by what makes it in there.  Oddly it’s not what I think will make it.  For example, I kind of suspected Washing Up Verses The DIY to get listed because it’s the sort of oddball stuff that would get in there, but at the beginning of the month one of my standard reviews got to the top ten.  It wasn’t even the review of a special edition, just a standard issue of Dark Gods.  After that I submitted another review of Bearlands, which I thought was really innovative and amusing, and I was certain that readers would love it and it was bound to go into the top ten – but no – nary a flutter.

I’ve actually had some surprising news on the editing front too.  Three edits of full-length novels have come my way, all repeat customers.  Each has booked for a four-week turnaround, but the first one I had was 92,000 words and I did it in a week.  There are reasons why I managed that quite so quickly, basically – it was well written.  Also, it was the third edit of the same book.  What was terrific for me as an editor was that I remember the first draft and having to utterly forced myself to wade through it, and now by this third version, reading it was a delight.  Being able to see how the author listened and responded to the critique and developed a good basic idea into a good novel was wonderful.

Of course doing that so quickly has meant that I’ve been able to bring forward my next assignment which is a new book from a previous client.  I got that on Sunday and am progressing too slowly for my own liking.  I should stress that this is down to other time commitments rather than anything lacking in the author’s work.

I also went through a sample of a new crime novel based in Scotland, I was very tight on all the details not only because I am familiar with crime novels, but also because being a crime writer I do a lot of research and can tell when procedure is too far from realistic.  Amazingly, the writer came back the following day and has booked me to do the full edit.  So that’s one down, and three consecutive assignments ahead, good news.

Though May, I also managed to get my collection of short stories put together and sent off for editing.  Should get that back by the end of the month.  I also had some artwork done, the first design got ripped to shreds when I shared it with some publishing friends of mine.  Which is fine, but what had total thrown me is the idea that the title wasn’t suitable either, and I hate coming up with titles, they are the bane of my life I never know what to call things and I haven’t the foggiest with this collection.   Every title other than the rejected one sounds way to dark for what is a rather eclectic mix of crime shorts from a couple of hundred words long to a few thousand, the style varies too, from touching on the gory to rather cosy, with a little noire set in there too.  Still I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

Have actually managed to get a bit more writing done this month, only one more chapter of the steampunk crime novel, but it’s starting to move so I’m sure the flow will start soon.  Am worried that I’m turning into more of an editor than a writer, but there again – kids in Uni means extra rent to pay.  I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go.

Am now getting rather nervous for Winchester Writers Festival.  I’m done all the prep and I have four agent meetings, and I’m hopeful one of them will like my stuff well enough to make me an offer, but I’m dreading the idea that all I’ll get is a flea or four in my ear.  <sighs>  Still that’s just another repeat performance.  Fact is I’ve done all I can do for now and need to stop worrying about it and get on with my life.

Talking of which, I’ll write here again next month.

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