Independence Day

The Fourth of July is American Independence Day and while they enjoy that celebration, there are some wags joking with things like “Happy Traitors Day”.  Well how do you think the EU are going to look at us in the UK ten years after Brexit? Assuming the UK still exists then.

Whatever way you may have voted, and however appalling the campaigning was – on both sides – it’s not possible to avoid the fact that even without triggering Article 50 the UK is in a political mess.

Is there any good can come out of this?

Well, just maybe.

Anyone reading the first paragraph will have figured out by now how I voted, but I’m not going to look at how things outside the UK are going to go – that will annoy and depress me too much.  But there are some things that we as a country should do internally.

We’ve got a political system based on first past the post, and it has lead to some terrible swings left and right and achieved nothing but leaving the vast majority of the country feeling unheard and disenfranchised.  Isn’t it time we seriously looked at proportional representation?  We forced it on Germany and look how well they’re doing.  Far from resulting in hung parliament after hung parliament, wouldn’t it result in people having to work together with intelligence and understanding for the good of the nation?

It would be great to see the political parties getting back to honest campaigning with facts and policies instead of character assassinations, fear-mongering, and outright lies.

We should not be afraid of legal immigrants we need them to keep the nation going.  What we need to do is look harder at stopping and getting rid of the ILLEGAL immigrants.  Similarly with refugees, because God knows when we’re the ones who are going to be the refugees.

There won’t be an extra £350 million a week to give to the NHS, but isn’t it about time we started showing real appreciation for those who work there?  Whatever their country of origin.  Same applies to our police and fire crews.

If you’re wondering why this is appearing in a blog about writing, the reason is, that since the referendum I’ve found writing a struggle, I haven’t been able to concentrate. But what I did find is that about 20 years ago, I wrote a book (that has never seen light of day) the starting scenario of which is virtually identical to what is happening now.  Scary.

The best thing I’ve seen during this turbulent time is an apology to dystopian future writers – the government keeps stealing their ideas!  That’s even scarier.

Anyway, the vote isn’t legally binding.  It’s not over yet and hopefully this will be the last time I’m so upset by politics I have to write here about it.

Hoping, now the rant is out, I’ll get back to writing properly soon.


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