When the Chips are Thrown

A couple of weeks ago I spotted the following image on Twitter

chips in Aber

Now at first read, I didn’t believe it, this had to be a joke, right?  Who’s really that bothered by chips being through?  But then I was looking for the image for a blog, and I couldn’t remember the details, so I put in something like “Arrest throwing chips”.  That was when disbelief really set in.

I started seeing some really unpleasant things, domestic attacks, racist attacks, burns and general stupidity.

Chips thrown at someone on a bus, general stupidity, might sound like a twisted sense of humour; but when it’s part of racist hate attack, it’s serious and unpleasant and shouldn’t be tolerated in any society.

Then there was the passenger who was murdered on a bus because they tried to stop the murderer throwing chips.

Then you get the awful cases where, it’s not just the chips, but the chip fat that thrown.  Work place confrontations, domestic arguments.  Some of it really terrible, and I won’t share pictures of that.

So why am I writing about this in a writers blog?  Because this started with what seemed to be a funny story, very quickly became something truly horrific and that always makes for a good story.

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