Busy, Busy, Busy

I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front of late, but that’s mostly because I’ve been flat out in other respects.

Thought June I was working frantically to get “Echoes of Aether”, which has turned out very well for me.  I’m loving writing this series and it is being well received.  I had a lovely review from Never Was Magazine.

Through July I was away for a week on a training course for work.  Intense, but useful.  I was also desperately trying to organise several talks in South Wales for Dr Noirs Travelling Crime Show.  If you’re interested, here are the dates:

Date Venue Authors Time
24/10/2018 Octavos,
West Bute Street,
CF10 5LJ
Micheal J Malone,
Matt Johnson,
Quentin Bates,
Rosie Claverton
25/10/2018 Waterstones
The Old Carlton Cinema,
17 Oxford St,
Micheal J Malone,
Matt Johnson,
Quentin Bates,
GB Williams
26/10/2018 Theatr Mwldan,
Bath House Road,
SA43 1JY
Micheal J Malone,
Matt Johnson,
Alis Hawkins


Then there were the events to attend.

In July there was Harrogate, which was fun though I used it more as a weekend off than as a writers festival, mostly because I was shattered.  We found some lovely eateries in Harrogate, can whole-heartedly recommend Major Toms.

Asylum outfit

Then there was all the sewing that I had to do for my costume for the Asylum Steampunk Festival.  I haven’t fired up a sewing machine in a very long time and it took me a while, but I got it all done.  And then, of course, there was Asylum itself.  A wonderful weekend, four talks, four days of trading, and the best news of all, I did so well with the sales, I sold out of two titles.  I’ve had to quickly order more as I still have three events in September and four more in October to do.

Now I have to go, more writing to do.

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