2019 – How it was

2019 was full of ups and downs, not going into details, but the notables are below.

The Good
Self-published one crime novel (Locked Down)
Had a stand-alone crime novel accepted for publication
Aethon Publishing accepted my Steampunk series for proper publication
Third Time Lucky Production produced my first ever audioplay
Lead my first writers’ panel at Crimefest
Some great times out in the campervan
Saw my wonderful daughter graduate
Lots of good audio books listened to
Finally got hold of two books I’ve wanted for years

The Bad
A terrible drop in mental health (but recovering)
A continuous grumbling feeling of not being physically well
Obvious degeneration of eyesight

The Ugly
Gained a stone
Unable to convince myself to exercise

Reasons to be Cheerful
I have a great family
I have wonderful friends

and to this last I say thank you for getting me through the
          bad times and standing by me when I needed you. 

          Remember, that’s reciprocal.

New Year Resolutions
To be better:
To be better at communicating
To be better at taking care of myself
To be better at taking care of others

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