A Stitch in Time

So today… Not too bad. Forgot to take the sleep aid last night and only got four hours sleep, none of which was REM sleep (I wear a fitbit, it analyses sleep too). but for that, today’s been okay.

Last night my daughter suggested that I try making something. I used to be quite ‘crafty’. I used to make my own clothes, do cross stitch, draw, play flute. Haven’t done anything of that in years. Since the way I’ve been living is part of what’s degraded into my so called life. I figured she had a point, a good idea.

So today, I managed to get out of the house, went to a certain well know seller of craft materials. I brought a couple of small cross stitch kits for myself.  When I came home, I did one, the one in the picture.  Picked that one because my husband and I used to own an orange VW camper van.

Felt good to actually make something, to complete a project. Will do more of this, craft as therapy. That could well be a thing in medical circles, not sure. I mean I’ve heard of art therapy, but not craft therapy. Still, wherever the idea came from, whatever the ‘established value’ of the act, I find it therapeutic.

It worked for today, maybe it will help again another day.

Activity is going to have to be my next port of call. Need to stop being curled up on the couch. Still that’s another step, for another day. I made it through today, that’s enough for today.

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