Wasted day

Did not sleep well at all last night. Although I did take a sleep aid last night, around ten o’clock the niggling in my lower back turned into real and unignorable pain. The pain started at my waist and went down into my hips, the whole pelvic region was in pain. I could not find a way to lay that didn’t hurt. In the end I got up took to prescription painkillers and made a hot water bottle to put on my back. It wasn’t an immediate solution.

I tried laying down, on my back, on my front, on either side. All uncomfortable. I tried propping myself up with cushions, didn’t help. I tried leaning forward, but then my back got cold and a blanket over my shoulders wasn’t much help and since everything was still painful, I just slid back down into the bed proper. Eventually around midnight, I settled on my back with the hot water bottle beneath me. It still wasn’t comfortable, but it was the best I could do.

Thankfully my husband was on a night shift, so I wasn’t stopping him sleeping.

Not surprisingly, I’m tired today. I did nip out to do a bit of shopping – the cat was running out of cat food and any cat servant will tell you how that’s not a good thing.

Have tried to get some writing done today, but as you might imagine, lack of sleep leads to lack of concentration.  So a bit of a wasted day, and yes, my back is still in pain, but I have no idea why, the most strenuous thing I’ve done in a week is a bit of walking.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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