Important Cat Business

Bellyrubs in action

I have a cat, and like most cats at the moment, she doesn’t know what to do with having a hooman home all day, apparently I’m messing with her important cat business.

Normally I come downstairs around 0645, but at the moment, with using sleep aids, I don’t get up until around 0800. So if my shift-working hubby isn’t getting up for/coming back from work, she has to wait. She doesn’t like waiting, she we’ve been getting morning visits, the cat getting on the bed, to stand on our chests and shout in our faces. That leads to the whole process of, feed her, demands bellyrubs (cat not hubby), demands for her to go out, and nothing hoomans want is allowed to get in the way.

Since I’ve been working on my book, I’m sitting at my desk in the conservatory.  That means the cat can see me from the garden, she has a ready-made door slave. It works like this:

  • She comes to the door, shouts at me to come in.
  • I let her in and close the door.
  • She disappears into the kitchen, I hear her chomping on kibbles.
  • She comes out, shouts/scratches the mat to go out.
  • I let her out and close the door.
  • Repeat between 5-10 minutes later.

Guess I could leave the door open, but the garden is north facing and doesn’t warm up well. I’m also not sure what the position is on keeping doors open with coronavirus.

So that’s been my day.  Except when the cat was complaining because I was putting clothes on the line to dry, apparently I was invading her territory, and she was not impressed. Still, she’ll be happy tonight when we let her and feed her. Then tomorrow we can do it all over again.

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