Not sure what to write today, it’s been an odd day. I’ve been feeling down, and trying to mask it with activity. Washing, cooking, food shopping, tidying, editing.

Nothing’s really satisfied, nothing has taken my mind off the worries and dread of what might yet come. After a nice day when the sun was out and I could dry the washing on the line, this night has turned wet and windy.  It suits my mood.

It also suits listening to Wuthering Heights. I’ve promised myself I would somehow get through this book, I’ve tried any number of times with the book, and now on Audible, I’m about three quarters of the way through and it is so dreary! Were it not for the promise to myself I’d give up on it, but only three hours left to go.  Should finish it tomorrow.  Then I’ll find something more uplifting to listen to.

I don’t know why my mood has turned down again so. I don’t want or like feeling like this. Still, I guess not all days  can be good days in recovery.

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