My First Apocalypse

While I am signed off and on lockdown, both my husband and daughter work shifts in businesses considered essential (different businesses, different shifts).  Today though, we’ve all been home. That means that it feels like a weekend. It also means I’ve been distracted from my editing, but that’s been nice.

We’ve been talking about how differently this household under lockdown is to what a lot of people seem to be experiencing. When not signed off, I work Monday to Friday, now I’m home all the time it largely feels like life as per a long weekend.

Listening to the advice for what to do during lockdown has included a lot of “get into crafting”, and being us we all reacted with “No, because you told me to.” That said, I have been doing needle work, pottering in the garden, and helping my daughter make her Harley Quinn “Birds of Prey” cosplay outfit, teaching her how to use the sewing machine.

We’re just the type of people who don’t follow the crowd. We are of course following all the covid19 advise to stay home, shop only when necessary, stay socially distant – but that last we’ve been trying for decades.

As my husband said today “it’s my first apocalypse, I’m figuring it out as I go.”

Guess that’s what we’ve all got to do now, figure it out as we go.

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