Good Friday

Wasn’t today a beautiful day?

After a couple of weeks of quiet, there was a surprising amount of noise. Our next door neighbours have been jet washing – well just about everything they own I think, seemed to take six hours. Then someone started with a strimmer.  I was sitting in the conservatory and ended up having to come into the house to get away from the noise as it was giving me a headache. Hope that they are quieter tomorrow as I’d like to enjoy the garden a bit.

One thing I do notice though, is how blue and clear the sky is. Usually there’s loads of planes go over and the sky gets crisscrossed with contrails. Not now. Clear skies are beautifully clear and stay that way.  It’s odd, I’m liking it.

So this weekend, I’m staying home, editing and relaxing.  Saving the world sat on my couch.

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