I am a coward.

I know I have to contact work about returning, I’ve two weeks left on my sick note. But I can’t seem to bring myself to make the call. Thinking about even making the call leaves me feeling down, but it’s got to be done, I can’t put it off forever. Maybe tomorrow.

Another beautiful day outside, so I sat out for a while – in long sleeves, legs covered.  Didn’t stay out long for two reasons, the easterly gusts were surprisingly cold, and the screen was hard to see in the bridge light. The cat would out again – demanding belly rubs in the sun, she’s loving this weather. Still I go a bit of work done.

Went shopping – I swear the supermarket changes the way in each and every time I go down there, got really confused as to where I was supposed to go today, still I got in and got most of what I needed.  Still can’t get plain flour.  Been looking for that for weeks now. Want to make some choux buns but can’t without flour.

Just to assure the reader, it’s not only cakes I back. Yesterday was a fabulous roast lamb dinner, which left enough meat to have it cold with a salad today.  There’s still enough lamb left for sandwishes for tomorrows lunch too.  Not a lot goes to waste in this house.

 Broke a nail today – but it’s still longer than a normal bitten back length. And yes, still taking the multivitamins and I do feel better for that.

Spinach made Popeye stronger, what do I eat to make be brave enough to make that call?

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