Today got up later than my hubby and he looked out the window and I asked what the weather was like.  His answer? It’s bright and there’s no air.

Of course I did.

Of course I pointed out that we weren’t suffocating. I mean come on, if someone hangs out a neon sign that says “Michael to be extracted here” I’m going to do it okay, it’s part of my psyche. Even hubby hung his head and sighed with resignation, and recognised that he was going to get the piss taken out of him all day.

Now I think I was very restrained today. I didn’t actually say that much. Until we were standing in the queue for Tesco. In the open air and were discussing that they probably wouldn’t have any flour in store. I shrugged and said, “Well at least we’ve got plenty of air.”

He wasn’t impressed.

And there wasn’t any flour.

But a good day generally. Mood was okay. Got to help a mate with a plot line. Watched “Back to the Future” with my daughter who had never seen it all the way through before. Got 1800 words written, went for a walk, had a bath.

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