Today has been good for turning up some good opportunities. 

A few days ago, I was offered a spot on a Virtual Noir at the Bar. I’ll be on in July and have ten minutes to read from one of my books.  I’m going to read from the new one due out later this year.

When talking to my publisher, she mentioned that a book shop she knows is doing short video snippets to promote my existing books – something I’m always willing to do.  With those it’ll be three-minute snippets, a tiny taster of each book.

Being someone who is so not impressed with the way that they look, I find the idea of being in front of a camera I little difficult. I also have issues with my accent.  I think I sound just awful. I have this weird sound that people struggle to identify. This is because I’m originally from Kent, but I’ve lived in South Wales since I was 21, so my accent is neither English nor Welsh, it’s just odd.

My penchant for swearing it a bit bad to, so curbing that tendency can be difficult.

Still I would have to be a total idiot not to take these opportunities when they come up.

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