Back in work two days and I now remember why I’ve struggled at times to do the work that lets me live and to do the writing that makes life worth living.

Have gone from writing two thousand plus a day to a couple of hundred words.

I know that’s still a fair achievement, but it’s a big drop. Still, part of that is mind set, and I have to readjust.

Also there have been some distractions this week. I love the TV series House and Star Trek: Voyager, and both were showing their last series this week, and they are on from 4pm to 7pm. I’ve never seen the final season of House so I have been watching avidly, and boy! I’ve been rivetted, it really didn’t go where I’d expect it to and I was in tears watching the last couple of episodes. I have seen the end of Voyager before, but many years ago, so I did watch that. But those shows are now over, so that’s three hours I won’t be watching tomorrow, which means I will have the time to write.

What I have to make sure is that I find balance again. Work and writing. Going out may be off the cards for all of us; we have to live not just exist. Losing that balance contributed to my illness at the start of the year, and I don’t want to go that way again.

That’s why I’m writing this blog – and thank you to those who stop to read it.

Keeping this blog is a regular activity that helps me clarify things in my head. The reality is that I’ve written more words here than of my book today. That feels odd, but good, because it’s still exercising my writing muscles.

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