Quiet day

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Today has been nice, quiet.  Work was head scratching, but I resolved several issues, so felt productive.

Haven’t written a thing today, but I’m okay with that, can’t do everything and today I’ve worked, cooked, and been mum’s taxi twice.

So taking a night off, want to write, but I’d have to force it tonight and that’s not good, so I’m giving myself a break.  I’m actually struggling to write this blog tonight, don’t really know what to write.

Thought earlier that I’d rant about the state of the country on grounds of the difference of approached with UK countries dealing with the coronavirus. But I despair. And I’ve seen so much rubbish about that that I can’t face it.  Just to say, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are on lockdown, if you live in England – stay in England.

I think that’s it tonight. I’m calling it a night, am going to put my feet up and watch TV with a glass of wine.  Have fun wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and stay safe.

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