I’ve been accused many times of not having a sense of humour, and it’s true I couldn’t tell a joke if my life depended on it.  However, I do have a sense of humour, it’s dark and twisted and not widely appreciated, it exists. It’s detectable in some of my writing, more so in the steampunk, but it does appear in the crime too.

Last night I stayed up to watch Danny Bhoy’s standup show, “Subject to Change”.  I’ve seen Danny on a number of different shows, including short sets on “Live at the Apollo”, but this was the first time I’d watched a full show of his.  It was fantastic!  I laughed out loud.  At one point I was taking a drink and damn near choked because he made me laugh.  

Laughter is a wonderful tonic. It really helps improve mood. Here’s the psychology behind it if you’re into science:  Humor-can-uplift-your-spirits-during-hard-times.

I was just wanted a laugh because I was on my own (hubby on night shift, daughter working in own room).  I like a lot of comedians, have been to loads of live shows too. My favourites include Bill Baily, Billy Connelly, Ed Byrne, Micky Flannigan, Sarah Millican.  

I’m a fan of Susan Calman.  I love her shows, really enjoy “Secret Scotland”, and I’ve read her books, because she writes brilliantly about depression and coping with the condition.  I’ve got her book “Sunny Side Up” queued on Audible for my next listen.

So, if like me you get told you lack a sense of humour, remember, you don’t. The people telling you that simply lacks the recognition of your humour, they can’t appreciate it for whatever reason.  And remember, it’s likely that the person telling you such nonsense has a humour you don’t consider funny either.

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