My hubby tweeted the following this evening:

Seems like an odd thing to post, but he’s taking the mick out of me. We’re watching a police show and they pictured a joint in a car and I called it a Camberwick Carrot, thinking I was quoting Withnail and I.

Then he corrected me.

I said “Oh right, it’s Camberwick bedspread then.”

Then he corrected me. And reminded me that Camberwick Green  was a kids show.

I am such a nitwit at times. Apparently tonight is one of those times.

So, Withnail and I – great movie, would highly recommend.

Camberwick Green, loved that as a kid, and really enjoyed the episode of Life On Mars that imitated it.

Candlewick Bedspreads are just a thing from the past that should stay in the past.

Am going to go crawl under the duvet in shame now, because apparently I’m too dumb to risk staying up. 😉

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