Today I stayed in bed till 2pm.  Haven’t done that in a long time.  Yes, some of it was to do with a hangover, but most of it was just feeling ‘meh’. Been feeling that way for a couple of days, not ill, just a little under the weather.

So today has been a bit of a downer.  Did go for a walk, though I have to say doing that same loop is getting really old, but any alternative would be a there and back, and almost all urban, not fields or woods.

Unfortunately, I haven’t even had to oomph to do any writing today.  Just not feeling it. Not creating it. 

Think it may be missing the fact that we should have been away this weekend and we’re not. I’ve been in the house since 9th March, yes the 9th, not the 23rd when everyone else was locked down. My mental health hit suicidal on the 8th, and I just couldn’t go on, so leaving the house for those two weeks wasn’t going to happen. It all means that I’ve only been out to go to Tesco, drop my daughter to work, and some short walks. Don’t even do those every day, or even one of them every day.

Sorry on a bit of a downer tonight, so going to sign off now and hope that I wake up in a better mood tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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