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Am still feeling ‘meh’, just had a couple of hours napping on the couch. So now feel rough and have a crick in the neck. Given how my eyes itch like I could scratch them out of my face, I think hay fever is exacerbating a general tiredness.  Nights are too hot, so sleep is being interrupted a fair bit.

Anyway, that’s boring, now the blog.

Took this at the Grayson Perry Exhibition in 2017

During the lockdown, TV has been largely rubbish, but one thing this household has really been enjoying is Grayson’s Art Club.  I’ve seen Grayson Perry, or more often his alter-ego Clare, on TV a fair bit. In 2017 I went to an exhibition of his work, the picture is one that I took at that exhibition.

But watching this series, I have developed a new and greater appreciation for the man and his work. Unlike a lot of artists, Grayson strikes me as surprisingly down to earth. On the first show discussing portraits, I found what he and his wife had to say about capturing the essence of the person rather than the likeness, really enlightening. I’ve never been a fan of portraiture, possibly because I’ve never liked a photo of me. But now I’ve heard that, I’ve looked at a few pictures on the internet and have appreciated more.

I’ve loved watching the progress of this statue of Alan Measels too.  I’m also a big fan of The Great Pottery Throwdown, so have some vague appreciated of just how much can go wrong when creating ceramics so seeing Alan come out of the kiln with only a base break was a surprising relief – and something I wouldn’t have expected.

If you have any appreciation of art, no matter how tenuous, this show is worth watching. So I’m posting this and going to watch it.

Grayson Perry interview: 'I'm no longer the anonymous pervert ...
My favourite piece of Grayson’s work

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