Full On

Today has been rather full on.

Full and heavy day in work, plus getting a lot of washing done, doing the weekly shop and being mum’s taxi – at shorter notice then intended because she got a call from her work saying they wanted her in earlier than the rota said.

And all that after a night when I didn’t get off to sleep quickly because the cat, from her position under the bed was making such weird noises, she kept me awake till gone midnight. Then there was the biggest clap of thunder I’ve heard in ages woke me up – at 02:45! After that the rain came in and the thunder went on, so took a while to get back off. Then I was awake at six even though the alarm didn’t go off till seven. Safe to say there was not a lot of sleep in those hours.

I’ve a list of things I should be doing, this blog included, but this is it for the night, once this is posted, that’s it for me tonight.  Feet up, and early night. Except for the tumble drying to be sorted and the stuff on the line to be brought in.

Yeah, full on day today.

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