One Step

I’ve been saying for a while that I need to exercise more, so after work today, went with hubby on another hour-long walk.  We’ve found a different route and this one is flatter, which is just as well today. After yesterday’s attempt at cycling, I’ve been struggling with my ankle. To be fair I don’t think the cycling did the damage, I think the walking up the hill in cycling shoes is what did me in.

For those who’ve never had cycling shoes, they are very rigid, the soles don’t bend like a normal shoe does. It means that you can’t walk properly in them. That’s what’s really hurt me. If you’re wondering about triathletes, apparently they swim barefoot and change their shoes between cycling and running.

So today we followed a flatter route. I took a cardigan too, and my good it was hot! I sweated buckets. Yes my ankle is complaining now, but this is the sort of thing that I need to be doing for my health. Tomorrow I may go for a WiiFit start low and work up.  The only thing with that is that I don’t want to do the weight thing, because I suspect I’ve put more weight on since last I tested.

But anyway, got to get on with doing the something active everyday and get a proper work-life-exercise balance going.

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