Brownie Mood

Mental health has taken a downturn today, and I’ve really struggled to see myself or anything I do in a positive light.

Finished work feeling quite crappy.  This is no one’s fault, it’s a factor of my mental health issues. I’ve just taken a downturn for no apparent reason.  My ankle is still aching today, and feeling down might be linked to that. The headache I’ve developed almost certainly isn’t improving my mood either.

Been trying to write for over an hour now, and it’s not working, so I decided to move away from it.  Yesterday I only managed about 100 words, and they weren’t good ones. As a result, I feel I should do more tonight.  And will try again later.

What is improving my mood, is the smell of chocolate brownies cooking in my kitchen.  My daughter wanted to make some ages ago, so I brought a mix because flour wasn’t available, so I pushed her into actually making them today.  I feel the need for cake.

Cake helps – at least until I get on the scales, then it really doesn’t.

Well that’s it for now. Will let you know tomorrow if the brownies turned out well. Like there’s any doubt – they’re brownies!

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