Take it Away

I like cooking, always have, and I’ve had plenty of time to cook in lockdown. However, not today.

I worked 8am-4pm, my daughter worked 1pm-7pm and my husband worked 7am-7pm.  As I had to pick my daughter up from work, it meant that I wouldn’t be home till 7:30, and cooking at that time is a bit late. I usually do though, because the family needs to be fed.  But a couple of weeks ago, we found out that our local Chinese take away is back open, and my daughter asked yesterday if we could have one. So tonight, we did.

This is the first family take away we’ve had since lock down.  My daughter did order chicken wings from Dominos once, but my hubby wasn’t around for that.

That means in 12 weeks we’ve only had two non-home cooked meals, and I’m pleased with that.

When lock down started and the drivethrus closed (notably McDs and KFC) we were hankering for them, but after about eight or nine weeks, we stopped wanting them.  We’ve actually got to the point of preferring home made burgers, because we know exactly what’s in it, it’s all fresh and tasty. And while I haven’t done any fried chicken, I have done some lovely hot chicken salads.

It has shown that actually I can cook a great meal in as much time or less than it takes to go get a take away, and that’s a way I’d rather go.

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