They Live!

A suspected corpse was found alive today! In fact two of them and a third I had forgotten about.

I may be a crime writer, but no, I’m not that weird.  I’m talking about pot plants.

When lockdown began I was already off sick so haven’t been to the office in three months.  Last week I was offered the opportunity to go in to get a some bits and pieces, my monitor, ergonomic keyboard and mouse and a few personal items.

The other thing I left were two pot plants.  I fully expected them to be shrivelled, dried up husks, and stunningly they weren’t!  Admittedly one is a succulent which should be able to survive without too much attention. I have no idea what the one in the grey elephant pot is, I brought it last year from Tesco and figured it might look pretty for a while, which is did.

The spider plant isn’t mine, it belongs to someone from the team who sit behind me.  However, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s ever watered it so I decided to bring it home and take care of it here. When the office opens up again, I’ll give it back.

The succulent (which maybe a money plant) has actually formed some lovely shapes where it got so tall it leaned over and then the tips have turned back up to the light. There’s even signs of new shoots in the pot, which I’m happy about. I’m not sure if these plants are supposed to be pruned to encourage more bushy growth, if you know please comment one way or the other.  In all honestly, I quite like the tendril nature of the way that it’s grown, but I’m not sure if that’s the way it’s meant to be.  

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