Full On

It’s been a full on day. 

A solid 8 hours of the day job, that rather frazzled the brain.  Thankfully the commute home now consists of standing up and three steps.

So since finishing work, I’ve changed beds, sorted the shopping and done two loads, four to finish tomorrow. I’ve cleaned out and rearranged the fridge, and cooked a big dinner. And I’ve managed to squeeze some reading in – a chapter of “The Invisible Man”.

The best news of the day has been that I got a call from the psychiatrists office today.  They confirmed that I am on the list to be seen, but they can’t do the meetings until lockdown is lifted because it’s a face to face thing. But after so long, I am glad to finally have confirmation that I’m on the list.  Again there was a pushing for taking medication, but my experience with medication has not been good, it really did zombify me, but didn’t actually help. 

Still, it’s a step forward, and that’s good.

Now I’m shattered.

So, a good day, successful and productive.  But an early night tonight as I want to get some writing done tomorrow.

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