The peace was jeopardised this morning when I came down to sit and write only to hear snarling outside.  Ginge, neighbourhood cat, on the patio facing off with Pearly – our cat.  I opened the door and they split, Ginge shooting down the garden and Pearly straight in to demand breakfast before trotting upstairs to bed.

Given that the weather has cooled down and we’ve had various showers over the last few days, I decided to play a game of jeopardy too – I put the washing on the line.

When I got out there and started putting things on the whirler, I discovered I was actually playing game of double jeopardy.  Some kind animal had left a substantial – well let’s call it a calling card, shall we? – within the whirler’s radius.  So, I had to change the way I hang long skirts and trousers because I do not want them accidently swinging into that.

While I was out there, Ozzie, a neighbour’s cat and frequent visitor to our garden, appears on the fence.  He wanders down to where I’m standing, sniffs the laundry basket and saunters off – straight through the open door and into the conservatory!  Cheeky blighter.  Inside I see him sniff at the kitchen door (also open), but at that point he turned, saw me looking at him, then he ran back out.

I finished pegging out the washing, assuming Ozzie had run off. When I came in, I closed the conservatory door behind me, only to hear a bell tinkling as Ozzie runs out of the kitchen from the direction of Pearly’s bowls and wants out.  I let him go.  Trapped with a scared cat is not a place I want to be.

I did check, and what little Pearly’s left of her breakfast, was gone.

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