After the glossing yesterday, today was all about painting the walls.  It was a workout and a half. Hubby did the ceiling and the roller on the walls, and I did the majority of the cutting in, including the really horrible bit behind the banisters.

It was really odd the way the colour went on. It looked lavender even though it’s gray. We found the light up on the landing really unhelpful to. It being an energy saving bulb, its light is quite orange and to dim when painting.

There’s only so much two people can do in the same small space, so I left hubby to finish off the painting, and headed to B&Q for a few bits and pieces.

We got lampshades and lightbulbs, picture frames and spray paint (and more plants for the garden). The spray paint is for a mirror frame.  We have a big mirror in a gold frame, but gold won’t go with the over all theme of the hall now, so we’re going to spray it chrome before putting it up – but that’s for another day.

With the light bulbs I was told to get bright ones, and I did, I got those lovely big round opaque kind. 1050 lumens. The only problem?  I picked up the screw fixing by mistake, we need the bayonet type.  So, back to B&Q I trudged.  I picked the bayonet version in exactly the same model, brought them home, tried to put one in and hey presto – the opening of the new shades is about 2mm too small to let the bulb in.  Did not occur to me to check it in the shop. So tomorrow I’ll be back to B&Q to swap them again.  But for tonight it’s feet up and try to recover.

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