First Day of the Rest of My Life

With all that’s happened this year, then being put at risk of redundancy, I decided to take the opportunity to radically alter my life. I’ve taken the redundancy and am not looking for a new full time position. I’m going to concentrate on my writing and editing. This decision was easy to make, but it’s be hard at times to believe in myself and what I’m doing. Yesterday changed that.

I have now had one day of not working (Friday).  It’s be weird and wonderful.

Started the day with a message that the quote I’d given on Thursday evening had been accepted, so I sent out the invoice accordingly and now have my first commission in my new freelance editing life. 

Then I went out for a walk, this has become quite a thing for me, and I’m using The Conqueror Events virtual challenges to keep me motivated and moving (Currently along Hardian’s Wall).  Yesterday I went to the Mumbles and had a walk through the town, then along the coast up to the turn for Langland.  It was lovely, long and I got to see seals?  Never seen them locally before. Though they aren’t very obvious on the photos, there were six of them.  Is this a pod? A family?  Not sure what the collective noun for a group of seals is.

In case you can’t see them, the sixth slipped into the water as I took the shot.

When I came home, I realised that I needed to send a blurb to my publisher, which I did, and then I got an amended contract, confirming that they want the last two books in my steampunk series. So that’s a relief and something more to look forward to.

Added to all this, over the last week, I also got the cover image for my next crime book, so now I have promotional articles to write for that. And I’ve taken on the role for local convener for a writers association. 

All in all, this not working lark has proved busier than when I was working. 

Just to add the cheery on the top of my day, yesterday I stepped on weighing scales – always a risk I know, but I did it – and I’ve lost half a stone in about 3-4 weeks.  Happy bunny.


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2 responses to “First Day of the Rest of My Life

  1. Angela Johnson.

    I enjoyed reading this, Gail, and I wish you all the best during this new departure in your life. I envy you the walk through Mumbles and to Langland. It brings back memories of student days in Swansea. It’s cold and dull in North West Kent at the moment!

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