A New Life in My Own Home.

This is a new start in my life in the same home, it’s scary and will be unpredictable. Though this isn’t the big move new start that some people go for, striking out in any venture is always nervy.

This first week is certainly not what I was expecting – in the best way possible.

I was expecting my first week to be an adjustment from office hours, doing some studying to be officially qualified to do the work I’ve been doing for years, taking the opportunity to keep up with the daily walks I’ve been doing for the last few months, and trying to get into some kind of pattern.

Turns out that the pattern I got into was one of working much like I’ve always done, which was a surprise.

First day of non-office work, I was extremely lucky – and I really mean that, I was very lucky – I secured my first direct commission as a structural editor.  And I’m enjoying doing it.

Nicely, because I’m now my own boss, I’m not chained to the desk 8 til 4, and that’s meant that when the weather is dry, I can go out for my walk whatever the time of day.  This is something that’s very valuable to me.  After a very difficult start to the year (I was suicidal), it’s been tough to get back to normality, and walking has helped a lot. That’s why it’s something I very much want to keep up, though the new lockdown here in Wales is going to have some effect, especially as winter comes in and we face more days like today when it just didn’t stop raining.

But a good week, I’m pleased with the way it’s gone, and I’m looking forward to many more like it.  And now I’m off to start editing again.

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