The trees are down!

The Christmas Trees that is. 

While I know Twelfth Night isn’t until the 6th, it was time for the trees to come down.

We had two up, on in the sitting room and one in the conservatory.  They both looked lovely, it was great to see them. At first. As much as I enjoy having the trees up, after a while they just feel like they are in the way. 

I was struggling to use the conservatory as my office (as I usually do) because, for a start it was way too cold, but also because I was too aware of the way The Tree standing over my shoulder.  It was a bit like The Christmas Invasion episode of Dr Who back in 2005.  It felt like it might start spinning and trying to slice and dice me.

So today, we carefully removed the decorations and even more carefully put them in boxes and packed them away.  Adding one extra box to the collection for all the new decorations brought this year.  I really must stop with that.  Maybe next year.

This year I also bought some pink and white lights which I used to decorate the bookshelves in the sitting room.  They acquired the name “The Cheery Lights”, and have been allowed to remain in place. 

Still the sitting room feels less cluttered now, and I hopefully I can reclaim my cold office tomorrow (thankfully the portable heaters should deal with the temperature).

All back to normal.

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