I Am Margo

The Margo I’m talking about is Margo Leadbetter, the neighbours wife in the old comedy “The Good Life”.

I’ve been a fan of that show for years, even put references to it into my writing.  When the show was aired, it was Barbara Good, played by Felicity Kendal, who everyone was in love with and who everyone wanted to be.  Margo was played by Penelope Keith, and she was the butt of so many jokes because she was the fashion following, middle-class princess, the corporate wife, member of all the right societies, had a housekeeper and a gardener.

I don’t have a housekeeper or a gardener, though I do have help in both from the hubby and children. I’m not a member of many societies (other than writing clubs), and I don’t wear the latest fashions, I don’t do the corporate wife stuff and in no way would I order Christmas in a van. (see the special episode “Silly, But It’s Fun…”.

But here’s the thing where I am like Margo. Margo wants to join in more, but doesn’t know how. She doesn’t understand the jokes. That’s what I’m like. The other thing about Margo, the other thing we do have in comment is a heart of gold.  I may come across as a grump, but I do care, and I will do anything I can for my friends.

As a kid I wanted to be Barbara, as an adult, I’m happy being Margo.

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  1. suggiedDoug

    I can confirm that Gail does, indeed, have a heart of gold. She’s a damned good friend (and a pretty damned good writer too, actually).

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