Book Review – Murder on Christmas Eve

Today I finished reading my second book of 2020 and I have to say it was one of those forced reads. 

I started reading “Murder on Christmas Eve” on 19 December 2019.  It’s an anthology of short stories about crimes at Christmas. I read the first story in 2019.  Then I stopped.  This year I was determined to finish it.  I thought that as it was short stories, I’d easily be able to pick it up, read a story, and be fine.  Get through that in a few nights.

Problem was, it was easy to put down, but hard to pick back up.

There are some really fine crime writers in this book. But few stories that actually gripped me. I have to say I found things in the very last story that as an editor I was tamping* over.  One poor constable got left outside in the freezing cold and forgotten while others went inside for a cosy chat by the fire, and one of the characters was called Chief Constable and referred to as the Super. 

While I wouldn’t advise against this book, there were some enjoyable stories, I would recommend it either.  Very meh.  3 stars because I’m feeling generous.

* tamping is a colloquial term for angry.

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