Really sorry for the poetry, and the appearance, believe it or not this was the only way I could find to avoid everything being double spaced and looking awful.

  • Is it really Monday?
  • I find it hard to tell.
  • One day is like another,
  • But at least they’re not all hell.
  • Covid is a trial
  • That we’d all rather not be on
  • But till it derails
  • I’m keeping my mask on.
  • Depressed were the darkest days
  • But I made Black Dog a stray
  • Isolation’s tough I know
  • But indoors we must stay.
  • But don’t be sad, all doom and gloom
  • There are other ways
  • There’s hangouts, teams and zoom
  • To share what we do today.
  • Alone and lonely aren’t the same
  • Reach out without washed hands
  • Send love some electronically if that’s the only way.
  • Please stay at home
  • Give the world some space
  • Until the day they sound
  • all clear, the NHS is safe.

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