Over 66 Books

My daughter and I are bibliophiles. We may even be verging on Tsundoku, collecting reading materials and not reading them.

Though in truth we do both read constantly too.

So when we heard about 66 Books, it was a no brainer. We had to go. A bit of a girls weekend.

We drove across the country and stayed overnight.Yes, it’s costly with fuel prices, but the train took more than twice as long. And we stayed overnight, but I got a very good budget hotel price.

On the way down, we listened to “An Argumentation of Historians” by Jodi Taylor, a great romp through time and illogic. That night before bed, I read a little of my current reading book, “Hard Time” by Jodi Taylor. The first is from the St Mary’s Chronicles series, the second is The Time Police series, but characters crossover between the two series, so as I settled down to read, I was a tad confused as to who was doing what. Note to self – if listening to one book, don’t be reading another by the same author.

Anyway, the trip to the book warehouse took us three hours. We bagged 81 books in total. The ones in the bag are gifts for others, hence hidden. Savings were way more than we spent – including petrol and the overnight.

The problem now of course is shelf space. But I’m comfortable with that problem.


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