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I got up to exercise this morning. Didn’t go well.

At 09:06, I put the Wii on, only my Wii died and the one set up in it’s place is my daughter’s (she brought it back after uni), consequently I had to create a new Mii, which was really annoying because apparently I can’t hold a controller steady so typing my name – all four letters – took ages.  Anyway, sorted that out, and went onto “Wii Fit”. The balance board wouldn’t connect. I changed to what batteries I could find, a mixed bunch, that got the board powered, but still the board wouldn’t connect. 

Instead, I decided to try “My Fitness Coach”.  Again, my daughter’s Wii, so I had to set up a new profile. Unsteady hand issues again, and more irritating, that system wants loads of starting stats, and a base fitness test that it can measure against. 

All I wanted was to do a quick workout! 

Anyway, I stated filling the details in, even went to find a tape measure for various measurements, and a calculator to figure out was 15.5 stone is in pounds. After about 20 minutes of that I gave up. It’s hard enough to get myself up to exercise this just thwarted that attempt.

I turned the DVD player on, to do the DVD as yesterday. Only the Samsung DVD player wouldn’t link to the Samsung TV or the Samsung sound bar.  This happens, I just have to turn all three are off and then turn on the DVD player and it automatically sets up the other two. Didn’t work first time, nor fifth.  I gave up at 09:56.

Instead I dusted shelves, parboiled potatoes for sautéed

potatoes, and put bedding plants in pots to brighten the back garden.

At least it was activity.

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